quickening the dead - Andrew Keeling (RVRCD55)

Andrew Keeling was born in 1955. He received his first musical education as a cathedral chorister and subsequently broadened his musical horizons in many varied ways including the founding of several rock bands in the inspirational era of the 1970’s for that genre. Since 1989 he has composed works in a variety of styles for a challenging range of ensembles and for many inspirational musicians. Recently completed works include a Percussion Concerto for Evelyn Glennie. He lives on the Wyre peninsula with his wife and three children.

Bacchanalia was born out of a mutual desire to perform Graham Fitkin’s piece ‘Hard Fairy, which led to the commissioning of other works, notably ‘Quickening the Dead’.

The Hilliard Ensemble have an unparalleled reputation as one one of the world’s finest early and contemporary music vocal-chamber groups.

Cathy Stevens has played with many of the leading London orchestras and contemporary music groups. She now writes and plays 6-string Violectra in the Europa String Choir.

Alison Hayhurst works with many London orchestras and has performed with many contemporary music groups including Opus 20 and The New Music Players.

Susanna Pell studied the viol with with Jordi Savall, and plays with Fretwork, The Dufay Collective and Virelai, as well as being a busy free-lance player.

Steven Wray has performed internationally as a soloist and in collaboration with other musicians in a wide variety of styles.

Jacob Heringman is much in demand as a solo lutenist, free-lance accompanist and chamber player.

Melanie Brandon studied the violin at the Royal Academy of Music with Diane Cummings and at the Manhattan School of Music with Mitchell Stern.

Daniel Smith studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is in great demand as a chamber musician and accompanist.

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