Chroma - Chroma (RVRCD56)

CHROMA is a chamber ensemble, which features some of Britain's most talented young musicians. Individually, each member has an impressive array of achievements, which have taken them across the whole of Europe, the Americas, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Israel and the Middle East; as well as all the major venues and principal festivals in the UK. The ensemble also includes a former BBC Young Musician of the Year Finalist, a pianist selected as a Finalist in the World Piano Competition and prize-winners in other major competitions such as the Royal Over-Seas League and European Music for Youth. They all now lead exciting freelance careers in addition to their work with CHROMA.

We are happy to license recordings from our back catalogue for commercial, semi commercial or educational use. We will take applications for charitable purposes but there will be a nominal charge made to cover documentation If the music is still in copyright the licensee will need to contact the publisher for permission and pay any fees requested to Performers and Artists when synchronisation rights are being requested. Please see the CONTACT page for contact information.